Our 11 Success Factors

targetpeople is working with a very high quality standard. The search and selection of candidates is not an accident.
We have defined 11 process steps / factors for the successful recruitment by targetpeople. We screen the whole market systematically for suitable candidates.

1. Understanding……The Briefing
In order to identify, select and motivate the right candidates, we need detailed information about your company, organizational structure, and conditions, as well as the responsibilities and qualifications of the position. Normally, we get this information in a personal discussion at the customer site.
2. Definition……The Requirement Profile
Based on the briefing and our knowledge of the market, we create the requirement profile and submit it to you for approval.
3. Recognition…..The Target Employer List
Based on the requirement profile, we create a list of target companies (usually competitors) where candidates are employed.
4. Identification…..The Candidate list
Our researchers find the names, positions, and contact data of likely individuals. We also search in our candidate pool from earlier projects, and use online databases and social media like Facebook and twitter to find other qualified candidates.
5. Contact…..The First Step
Our senior consultants contact the candidates, ask about their willingness to switch, and outline the company and position without naming names. We do not identify the client at this stage.
6. Information……Exchanging Documents
We ask interested candidates to supply a resume, and provide them with a description of the position.
7. Telephoning……….The Initial Selection
Suitable candidates are chosen in a structured telephone interview.
8. Getting Acquainted…..The Personal Interview
In a personal meeting we examine each candidate’s core abilities, social skills and motivations.
9. Introductions…..To the Client
Only those individuals who successfully pass the preliminary stages are presented to clients in the form of a confidential report. The report contains the basic data and an analysis of candidates’ subject qualifications and personal suitability. We are also happy to take part in candidate interviews, if desired by the client.
10. Assistance…..Through to Signing
We assist and moderate the often difficult phase from interview through to signing the contract.
11. Support…..Long-Term!
We try to maintain long-term contact with clients and candidates, so that we can offer help in the event of later problems.