The targetpeople team.

André Soder
Managing Director Germany
Since 2001 André has been working as a personnel consultant for national and international companies in the fields of e-commerce, online marketing, CRM-Customer Relationship Management.

Sabine Dahlmeyer
Senior Personnel Consultant
As a personnel consultant, Sabine has specialised for many years in the placement of experts and executives in the fields of IT and software development as well as e-commerce and trade.

Julia Lukasch
Senior Personnel Consultant
Julia’s expertise lies in the areas of media, retail, online and offline marketing and sales.

Marc Meyer
Head of Business Development
Marc is responsible for building strategic partnerships and ensuring customer satisfaction for our clients. (our customer’s satisfaction / your satisfaction).

Andreas Paul
Managing Partner
Andreas’ expertise lies in the areas of business intelligence, CRM, business development and IT.

Hans-Martin Vogt
Managing Partner
Hans-Martin´s main areas are trade (e-commerce, retail and wholesale), logistics (KEP, fulfillment and service providers), as well as Industry 4.0 and automation.

Marion Peißig-Hessenauer
Senior Personnel Consultant
Marion’s expertise lies in the areas of e-commerce, online marketing, sales and strategic corporate development.

Bertold Raschkowski
Senior Personnel Consultant
Bertold’s expertise is particularly in the areas of eCommerce, logistics, fulfillment and finance. He is also active as a trainer for specialists and executives.

Georg Rasinski
International Business Development
Georg is responsible for the international expansion of targetpeople, especially for the countries USA and Mexico.

Yvonne Wegener
When it comes to particularly difficult projects, Yvonne is the expert for candidate research.

Jan Kubat
Junior Consultant
Jan’s focus is on research, identifications and contact for retail, e-commerce and Industry 4.0.