The Executive Search Consultants for E-Commerce, Online Marketing, CRM IT & Business Intelligence

targetpeople GmbH is an Executive Search Consultant specialized in seeking and selecting specialists and managers, from experts in specific fields to CEOs.
Our consultants or headhunters have all had long and successful management careers in the above mentioned fields and have an extensive professional network of many thousands of potential candidates.
Our customer base consists of renowned international corporations, mid-sized businesses, start ups and service providers amongst others from the field of digital business.
The success of our work is not a product of chance; we work systematically with clearly defined search processes. Generally we present the first eligible candidates within two to three weeks.
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Specialists find specialists for your company

As Executive Search Consultants with many years of experience we have specialized in the fields of e-commerce, online marketing, customer relationship marketing (CRM), IT and Business Intelligence. Due to their many years of professional experience in management positions in the aforementioned fields, our consultants are insiders and therefore uniquely in a position to judge the potential and specialist knowledge of candidates and to make the right selection for our clients in accordance with their requirements. This qualitative selection greatly exceeds the simple procurement of a standard headhunter.

Fast results with clearly defined search processes
Our work follows clearly defined processes; from the initial briefing with the client right up to signing a contract with the new employee. This is the only way our consultants can ensure that the selection of candidates we present is not a product of chance and fulfils as closely as possible the required profile. Via Direct Search / Executive Search our consultants and headhunters do not only reach people who are currently looking for a new job but also those who are not actively looking for a new employer. In a confidential conversation we can convince these people of the benefits of the new company and the tasks and challenges involved.
Soft skills / social competence as an important factor
The accurate judgement of the individual behind the skilled employee is just as important an aspect of successful Executive Search as the evaluation of the specific qualifications. The right person who really suits a company is more than just a specialist in his field. He must fit in in the company and the team in which he works. The right mix and characteristics of his soft skills are therefore decisive for a successful career with the new employer. Soft skills like teamwork and the ability to communicate well, analytical, conceptional competence as well as assertiveness and self discipline are important factors. Therefore potential candidates are not just screened intensively as to their professional skills by our consultants but also their social behaviour and motivation are carefully appraised in a private interview. As a further component we also offer aptitude tests to provide a fully rounded profile.
Longterm partnerships with companies and candidates
targetpeople offers all the services of successful Executive Search from one source. And even more: then whereas the work of a usual headhunter or personnel recruitment generally ends with the signing of a contract between the client and the new employee, our consultants continue to accompany both sides even after achieving this important preliminary result. It is our aim to offer our clients significant additional benefits. Therefore our Executive Search Consultants are always available to our clients and keep in contact. This long term collaboration is especially advantageous for companies: as our consultants know the client, his business model, activities and processes very well, we can advertise it more easily and filter out more efficiently the appropriate candidates for current vacancies. If they so desire, candidates can be accompanied by our consultants throughout their entire career. This generates a relationship of trust that benefits candidates to a considerable degree. They can always contact our consultants regarding professional concerns for which we will find solutions and offer valuable tips and advice. We always guarantee absolute discretion. With targetpeople companies and candidates have a competent partner at their side from the very beginning who will stand by them and support them in both word and deed even after the completion of the recruitment process.