Outplacement management and training for applicants

The outplacement and new placement offer from targetpeople consultants gives companies the opportunity to help the departing employee to shape their professional future in the long term and to make the separation process fair.

Our service for successful new placement and outplacement is of course available nationwide. Because our outplacement consultants are located in all major German cities, including: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Hanover, Dresden, Leipzig and Nuremberg. This enables us to offer our customers the desired new and outplacement measures at almost any location in Germany.

The components of targetpeople’s outplacement service

Our consultants have many years of experience and have developed a concept for successful new placement that does much more than just job placement. The targetpeople service offers the following components:




Every personality and every career path is individual. That is why our consultants develop an effective, specific program in consultation with you, which enables you to use effective outplacement management and thus position yourself in an exemplary manner. We are happy to answer your questions about outplacement and our targeted application training for a successful new placement. Mr. André Soder is available to you free of charge for an initial contact.

Advantages of targeted outplacement management for companies

Outplacement and new placement not only help employers to meet their social responsibilities, avoid the costs of legal disputes or prevent damage to their image, but it also sends very positive signals for the employer branding of the company. Let’s be honest: no company likes to part with its employees, so a dismissal is an unpleasant process for both sides. Especially when the position of a long-standing, well-deserving employee falls victim to the need for operational restructuring. The components of targetpeople’s outplacement service guarantee that a retiring employee can quickly regain a foothold in the job market.

Outplacement specifically promotes employer branding

By supporting the departing employee in the transition to a new employment relationship, the motivation of the remaining employees increases at the same time. Because they now know that their employer cares about their professional future. The same positive effects of professional outplacement management can also be seen in the company’s employer branding in the competition for new, highly qualified employees.

This is what targetpeople’s outplacement offer does

targetpeople’s personnel consultants help outplacement candidates to define and activate the existing knowledge and experience potential in order to enable a targeted professional career continuation. In this way, the departing employee does not have to face the end of his/her career after the termination of the previous employment relationship, but the transition to a new employment relationship is made possible for him in a targeted manner. Due to the sustained work of our outplacement and new placement specialists, it is often possible to switch directly from the previous to a new employment relationship. In addition, many candidates rightly recognize the new placement as an opportunity to reorient themselves professionally.