Performance / Price.

Of course, professional and above all successful personnel consulting has its price. Clarity, cost security and transparency for our clients are the focus of all calculations for targetpeople. This enables us to offer you cost-effective solutions at any time. Below you will find a list of our services / prices.

Conditions / Pricing

Professional and especially successful Executive Search Consulting naturally has a price tag. Simplicity, reliable costs and transparency for our clients are central for targetpeople in our calculations. We are therefore always in a position to offer you reasonably priced solutions. Below you will find a list of our conditions and prices.

Our Fee

Our fee is 25% to 30% of the annual salary of the position to be filled. We define this when the search contract is agreed to ensure that costs are clear for the customer. The level of the fee depends on the expected amount of work involved and is calculated on an individual basis for every assignment.

Division of Fee according to Project Development

The fee for Executive Search Consultancy is payable in instalments according to the progress of the project and the work done: one third after agreeing the contract, a further third after presentation of the candidates and the final third when an employment contract has been signed with one of the candidates presented by us.

Reliable Costs due to new Placements

We are happy to reduce your cost risk to zero and agree a new placement: if a candidate presented by us leaves the company during the probation period we will present you with new alternatives to replace the candidate free of charge and thus enable a new placement for the position.

Travel Expenses

Straightforward and transparent: travel expenses for our Executive Search Consultants are divided proportionately between clients if we are searching for several in any particular region. If so desired we can also agree on a fixed rate. If our consultants only conduct telephone interviews with the candidates we will not charge you any telephone or travel expenses. You then cover the travel expenses for the candidates when they come to your company for an interview.