Executive Search Consultants

Executive Search or Direct Search is the key to successful recruitment by targetpeople. As opposed to passive recruitment, as for example publication of job ads, suitable candidates are contacted actively by our headhunters and directly asked about options for a career move. On the basis of a previously agreed list of relevant companies the first step is to identify the holders of respective positions. This can also take place with our consultants using a cover story. In addition we use our network by creating a “source list” of experts in various fields that we know, insiders and business partners of the relevant companies, and ask about suitable target subjects. After successfully identifying relevant candidates the next step is to contact them directly.
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Our Specialization in Executive Search

Our experience has shown that Executive Search is particularly successful when specialized consultants conduct the identification and selection process and also the ensuing direct contact to the specialists or managers. In this way, on the one hand only really suitable candidates are included in the selection process and on the other hand, their suitability for the position to be filled can be thoroughly examined. This is why our Executive Search Consultants have specialized in specific business fields, particularly in the areas of CRM and e-commerce there is currently increased demand for specialists.

Our Executive Search Consultants – Your Guarantee for Success
Your guarantee for successfully filling your vacancies is our team of experienced Executive Search consultants. Our USP compared to most other headhunters is that our consultants have all gained years of experience working as specialists or managers in the relevant fields. Due to their own professional experience in the area of the vacancies to be filled and then years of experience as a consultant, our Executive Search experts know exactly which prerequisites a candidate must fulfil in order to fit your vacancy optimally. In addition to this of course, they also know in which companies suitable candidates can be found, which positions they currently have and how they can best be activated via direct contact for our client. The consultants at targetpeople have a network of several thousand specialists and managers in the fields of e-commerce, business intelligence, CRM and online marketing. With this personal network and continual support of our contacts we have direct access to experienced specialists and managers and can guarantee a successful Executive Search with subsequent direct contact on your behalf. The candidates trust our consultants and value their support throughout their careers. This leads to a classic win-win situation.
E-commerce is the combination of all procedures and processes that are necessary to conduct trade on the internet successfully. Naturally setting up and running a web shop is part of this but also optimising them with so called onsite marketing, web analyses and specific SEO measures. Within this framework, due to the ever increasing use of mobile devices, mobile commerce is also becoming more and more important. Also social commerce, that is to say mutual support for customers in choosing their products via feedbacks or recommendation, is a significant topic for successful E-Commerce. Companies that wish to fill positions in this area of the business with experts greatly profit from the E-Commerce experience of our Executive Search specialists. In the field of C-Commerce targetpeople can provide you via direct contact with specialists in the following areas:

  • IT-architecture (web development)
  • Web design
  • UX User Experience
  • Web analysis
  • Web shops
  • Onsite Marketing / Product management
  • SEO Onsite
  • Mobile development and onsite Marketing
  • PHP, front and back end, jquery, javascript
  • Content management
  • WordPress, Typo3
  • CMS Content Management System
Online Marketing
Online marketing embraces all areas of advertising and image campaigns that take place on the internet. Its greatest advantage over classic print or tv campaigns is that it can be directly tracked and therefore evaluated. Typical measures are for example SEO, SEM and SEA but also affiliate, display and mobile campaigns. Finding specialists for these areas can be very difficult and particularly time consuming for companies. With the network of our Executive Search consultants however, we are in a position to present candidates in the following areas within a very short time:

  • SEM
  • SEA
  • Display
  • Affiliate
  • Social Media
  • SEO offpage and onpage
  • Mobile
  • RTB Real Time Bidding
  • Online PR
  • Smartphone, Tablet
  • Link building
  • Google adwords, Yahoo
  • Campaign control
  • Also international Yandex (Russia) and Baidu (China)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management or CRM offers ideal possibilities to build up relationships to your customers and to fashion them in the long term. Good relationships to customers and business partners are the key to the success of any company. With specific CRM measures relationships between companies and customers are managed and comprehensively documented. targetpeople can find suitable specialists for every company for the typical CRM areas of direct, dialogue and customer marketing as well as customer loyalty programmes through Executive Search and direct contacts.
Business Intelligence
With business intelligence (BI) companies can gain valuable insights to help them attain their strategic and operative goals. With the aid of these insights internal processes can be optimised and customer and other business relationships can be sustainably improved. The right, experienced specialists are a prerequisite for any company to achieve success with BI. These specialists should be familiar with all aspects of business intelligence, such as: data mining, data warehouse, webmining, data management, big data, data modelling, data quality, MIS, KPIs (key performance indicators), customer lifetime value and business analyses as well as the typical tools such as SAS, Enterprise Miner, SPAA, SAP BI, Cognos, business objects, Olap, Crystal, Siebel etc. We are dedicated to finding such experts quickly with Executive Search for our clients.