Freelancer & Interim Manager for IT & BI Business Intelligence

“BINX” is the business intelligence network from targetpeople GmbH. With BINX we offer you a network of freelance specialists in the fields of IT, business intelligence, analytics, data warehouse and Technology. From this network, we present you with the right experts to fill your vacancies with appropriate freelancers at short notice. BINX draws on many years of experience in recruiting specialists and executives as well as interim managers from the areas of business intelligence and CRM, as well as the expertise of long-standing BI consultants, who, after the placement, initiate the dialogue with the Ensure customers and the freelancers.
Business intelligence is on everyone’s lips with topics such as big and smart data. Therefore, it is not surprising that the need for specialists in these topics but also for traditional topics such as data warehouse, analytics and systems is continuously increasing. This often results in temporary needs, project-specific orders or peak loads that can only be absorbed by external experts. Your own search for such interim managers, especially for topics such as business intelligence or data warehousing, can be very tedious and time-consuming.

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Traditional HR consultants often have difficulties recognizing the right nuances of individual needs and recruiting appropriately qualified freelancers. However, this deficiency often does not show up in the first discussions, but only during the course of the project, when it is no longer possible to react in good time without having to accept operational disadvantages.
We do not just limit ourselves to the placement of interim managers, but also hold regular discussions with the client and the freelancers to ensure that requirements and skills match even when project requirements change and that we can react quickly if necessary. This optimal combination offers all parties involved, freelancers, clients and BINX optimal satisfaction throughout the entire process and increases productivity on all sides.

Advantages for you as an interim manager / freelancer:

What is BINX?
BINX is the new business intelligence network from targetpeople GmbH. As a long-established personnel consultancy in the areas of business intelligence, data warehouse and CRM, targetpeople has a broad network of decision-makers in large and medium-sized companies. Based on this network, targetpeople offers freelancers qualified projects and interim management positions in the areas of data warehouse, business intelligence and analytics.
What benefit do I have as a freelancer from BINX?
BINX offers freelancers the opportunity to access new projects without their own sales effort. Thanks to our constantly growing pool of projects, especially in the area of ​​business intelligence, we are able to find the right challenge for you.
How does BINX work?
Simple, we’re looking for you! In the case of a project offer, we use our database to search for qualified freelancers. In addition, we use the available social media channels such as Xing or Linkedin to find suitable candidates. Once we have contacted you, we will present the project to you and forward your profile to our client. If the assignment does not come about, we can save it in our database for future projects
What does BINX cost?
For freelancers Binx is free of charge, the payment is made via the assignment by the client. For you, this means that you don’t have to adjust your daily rates. BINX deliberately aims to place qualified freelancers for projects in the areas of business intelligence, data warehouse and analytics