Interim Manager & Freelancer

The expertise of our consultants and interim managers lies primarily in the areas of online marketing (SEA, SEM, SEO, affiliate, display advertising, mobile, social media), e-commerce (web shop and portal management), business intelligence (database marketing , data mining, data warehouse, risk management) and CRM customer relationship management (mail order, direct, dialogue and multi-channel marketing as well as advertising -Art-Text).

Typical responsibilities of our interim managers include:

Temporary management for specialists and executives

The temporary use of specialists and managers as part of interim management is particularly efficient for companies when specialists are only needed for a limited period of time. For example, interim managers are available as temporary consultants with their knowledge and experience if a specific project seems to have reached a dead end. Or they strengthen a team of permanent employees as specialists for a certain period of time – for example as an additional member or as a substitute for a colleague. When recruiting the right temporary specialist or manager for your company, targetpeople provides you with qualified and vacant managers within a short period of time.

Examples of mediated interim managers / freelancers:

Interim management protects company resources

Especially in companies of many years experience, fixed structures have been established over time that perfectly cover the usual processes of the company. However, if a project is pending that is outside of normal corporate practice or if temporary representation is required, these systems quickly reach their limits. In addition, it is not very practical to install a new department within the company or to organize the recruitment of permanent employees who are only supposed to do a specific task and are then no longer needed. The use of an interim worker who manages the project, is available as a consultant or can carry it out independently thus sparing the company’s resources considerably.

Finding the right interim manager with targetpeople

targetpeople has an extensive pool of qualified interim managers and freelancers and can quickly present you with suitable candidates.
Our spectrum ranges from the recruitment of industry-experienced generalists to highly qualified experts and executives who have held high positions in the company for many years. Whether you are a freelancer or interim manager, thanks to the many years of experience of our personnel consultants, you will find the right person for your company with targetpeople.

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