Career Advisory Service

Career advice from the professional consultants at TargetPeople establishes the perfect foundation for you to find your ideal professional position. The requirements that a candidate must fulfil in order to obtain the position of his choice in the desired company are high and greatly exceed just having the necessary specialist knowledge. Firstly it is crucial to present yourself well to the company and make a lasting good impression from the very first contact; from the initial application, through the interview and right up to the successful salary negotiations. The team at TargetPeople does not only prepare you for all of this with our professional career advice, we also accompany your throughout the entire process and beyond.

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The Components of TargetPeople’s Career Advisory Service

Finding your dream job is not a product of chance but requires meticulous planning and preparation. That is why TargetPeople’s career advisory service strictly follows a practised system. The individual components of this system, which our consultants have put together based their years of experience, constitute the 10 steps on your way to professional success.

Step 1: Appraisal of current position and potential

In the first step of our career advice we establish where you currently stand professionally and in which areas you could best fulfil your potential.

Step 2: Determine necessary measures for further education

Based on the analyses carried out in step 1 we can ascertain if any specific further education would be recommendable for you.

Step 3: Individual analysis of vacancies

In step 3 TargetPeople’s experts evaluate current vacancies according to your individual qualifications.

Step 4: Development of an application strategy

With the aid of the information gathered in the previous steps our consultants can develop an application strategy for you. This contains all the relevant factors for your successful application, like for example self organisation, suitable line of business, companies, positions, media, type of application etc.

Step 5: Preparation of professional application

In step 5 our consultants prepare, together with you, professional application documents that are tailored towards suitable positions for you. This is done both for online and print applications.

Step 6: Search for suitable vacancies

With the help of our research experts TargetPeople then seeks current vacancies that exactly fit your profile.

Step 7: Support accessing unadvertised positions

In step 7 you receive effective support from our consultants in gaining access to vacancies that are not openly advertised. In addition we support you in activating your personal network and to present yourself successfully in social networks.

Step 8: Coaching for interviews and self presentation

In step 8 you receive professional coaching for interviews and successful self presentation from our experienced Executive Search Consultants.

Step 9: Coaching throughout the entire application process

Naturally our consultants do not leave you alone during the application process – you receive continued coaching throughout the entire process.

Step 10: Support negotiating a contract

In step 10 you receive professional support from our experts when negotiating a contract with potential employers.

Supervision from TargetPeople throughout your entire career

Even after you have signed a contract with a new employer you do not have to part company with us. TargetPeople is very keen to forge long term partnerships with candidates. Our experts gladly accompany you during your entire career and will always offer support to achieve your professional goals.

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